MYMY.US is the brain child of retired web-master and programmer Edward Addy. Edward is also the owner and captain of the motor yacht "The Sandra Faye".

Motor Yachts & More Yachts is a stack of sub-websites which Yacht Owners use to provide information and images about their yacht and yachting life. The yacht websites contained within the MYMY.US domain can be used to share and augment a yacht owners social media by making information available, to their family, friends and the public. More information can be provided by MYMY.US via their website than on most other social media channels.

Each yacht owners website is designed in such a way to allow them to easily add, edit, expand and remove information to and from their yacht's web pages.

With wireless Internet available most of the places we will be travelling, our plan is to work from our boat, using this as our primary income. It will take many hours every week to maintaining and expanding this website for our yacht owners, while travelling on-board The Sandra Faye or back here in Minnesota.

We hope to make this website available to yacht owners starting in late-July or early August. If successful my wife and I plan to start sailing South to Florida later this summer on a trip that should last about a year.

If you would like to become a part of the MYMY family do let us know using the registration form, link in the right menu, and we will let you know by email when we start adding yachts to the system.